Just after sunrise: a peek over the fence.

Long time readers may recall I spent last March indoors (and highly agitated!!) due to a bad back;  this spring I feel a need to take everything in and spend as much time outside as possible!  Since moving the clocks forward, the sun peeks over my fence a little after 8am. This morning I was out to watch it happen not because it’s anything extraordinary, but just because I CAN….and for that I’m very grateful. 🙂

I’d forgotten how robust muscadine looks this time of year:

Vitis rotundifolia aka wild muscadine vine, 3/10/14

and how it holds its own against invasives in a springtime tug-of-war:

Muscadine vs Ipomaea cairica, 3/10/14During March, cosmos germinate and grow the way they do up north ➡ utterly normal and “non-supersized.” 😉

Cosmos grown from seed, 3/10/14

…forming a lacy counterpoint to the Nopalea cochenillifera in the next picture:

Cosmos and Nopalea cochinefillera, 3/10/14

So nice to see Passiflora incense’s first handshake of the season:

Passiflora incense, 3/10/14

and the one time of year when flower and fruit overlap on my orange tree!

Orange blossom and fruit, 3/10/14March is a beautiful month here in Florida…

Passiflora lady margaret, 3/10/14

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Just after sunrise: a peek over the fence.

    • With the exception of the mud that followed, I LOVED those first days of March when the sun was warm enough to melt our Massachusetts snow! There’s a freshness in the air that doesn’t happen any other time of year!

  1. Florida… Sounds warm and heavenly. You have a wonderful garden. We only have a small balcony, but I’m planning to plant a lot of edibles there this season. It’ll be our first full season with this balcony.

  2. March IS beautiful in Florida and CH is down your way with The Mama! He says everything is blooming and smells wonderful! Glad your back is behaving and you are out in your beautiful yard. Enjoy!

    • Oh yes, the wonderful perfumed evenings are upon us. My orange tree is covered with blossoms as is the almond bush. Right after dark (and first thing in the morning) it really DOES smell heavenly!

  3. After a couple of days in the 60s, we’re back in the 20s today. Brr! But then back to 50s tomorrow. I’ve got a feeling this will be a rollercoaster spring in the Mid-Atlantic!

    • For sure! I keep my eye on the forecasts to see what my boys are enduring and it’s been so up and down! With so much precipitation and the snow melt, the lilacs should be AMAZING when they come into bloom!

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