Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, 2014

One of the most welcome signs of spring is Disney Epcot’s annual International Flower & Garden Festival. Each year, Master Gardeners from Indian River County work as volunteers at the Festival Center located in the park’s Future World. (Note: more about Future World’s attraction “The Land” in a separate post!)

Thankfully, the Festival Center is enclosed, because Disney Orlando was under tornado-watch the whole time we were there! EEK!  It poured…and poured–with thunder and lightning–all afternoon:

Rainy Day at Epcot, 3/29/14

Terrible day for picture taking (esp with a smartphone,) but the displays were so intricate and beautiful, I persevered. This Tinkerbell topiary was one of 75 Disney characters made entirely of flowers. Look closely and you’ll see her pointing toward the Butterfly House, housing more than 600 native fluttering species!  Unfortunately it was closed due to weather! Drats!!!


HGTV was the major sponsor of this year’s event, and they outdid themselves with an inviting Garden Retreat.  Imagine this spectacular setting on a sunny day!?!


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More than 200,000 bedding plants were added to the park for this year’s festival. The floral design encircling Future World’s East and West Lake showcases over 60,000 of them.


….and here’s another group of thousands that caught my eye 🙂

20140329_153303It really was a shame the weather didn’t cooperate…I could have taken and shared sooooo many more photos!!!  Nevertheless, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and chattered like a bunch of giddy kids on the 1.5hr ride home! 🙂

Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S. I’ll be back in a few days with a post about the fascinating hydroponics behind “The Land,” my favorite Epcot attraction.


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  1. Ah, flowers. 🙂 The first flowering trees are finally starting to bloom around here with the snow irises and daffodils. Allergies are kicking in, but I’ll gladly take them if it means winter is truly over!

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