Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a local monument. While this might mean stone-based statuary in older parts of the world, in newly developed spots like Vero Beach, it means fiberglass!!


In 2005,the Mental Health Association of Indian River County used 52 eye-popping turtle sculptures to raise awareness and money for mental health services. Known locally as Turtle Trax, this public art project symbolized people coming out of their shells to seek help.  Each sculpture stands 6′ tall x 5′ wide, depicting a sea turtle with fins outstretched, as if peacefully gliding through water.


Another fiberglass monument, Patriot, the Horse, guards the entrance to Pocahontas Park located just beyond the Citrus Museum in the above photo:


The 9′ tall Patriot has been corralled at the park since 1960. 😉  In 2009, Perfection Paint and Auto Body donated their time and materials to restore and repaint this midcentury monument.  You can read more about their extensive project, by clicking here.

Before I close, I’m excited to tell you my oldest son is visiting through Easter Sunday!


I may not post much this week, but will definitely check in on all of you. 🙂

Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

    • We;ve been having a grand old time, thanks to an excellent stretch of warm, sunny, beach weather. It’s always nice when vacationers from the north get a string of great days…esp after the horrid winter they had!!

    • Hey Cris!
      The turtle monuments are all over town..some day I will post pics of a few others…all are very artistically themed…one Is quite patriotic (it stands in front of the county offices) with a rendering of Mount Rushmore painted on the shell!

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