Floral Friday: Who wants Castor Oil Plant Seeds?

I’ve never participated in Floral Friday before, but now I have good reason: I’m buried in Ricinis Communis Gibsonii seeds, and need to give some away!


The plants pictured are exactly 11mos old, sown last May as a natural mole repellent.  As you can see, they grew very tall, very FAST!

If you live between zones 5-8 and plant your seeds in early May, R.communis will reach 6-8′ tall by the end of growing season.  You can direct sow it as an annual, or germinate it in a container to bring indoors when the temperature drops. Note: When planting, hold the seeds flat and push 1/2″ below the soil surface–anything deeper hinders germination. The first true leaves appear within 7-10days, and you’ll love watching them mature from deep maroon to burnished green; a few months later, quirky monoecious flowers lend texture and tropical appeal to any setting.


As the scarlet seed heads ripen, they turn dark and spiky, eventually exposing three shiny brown seeds.  In the next photo you’ll notice one seed head already open and the rest not far behind.

20140425_114936The seeds are quite beautiful: each is uniquely patterened and approximately the size of a pinto bean:


At this point, I feel duty bound to print the disclaimer from the seed packet: Eating castor oil seeds may be fatal. This plant is not recommended if you have small children, especially if they naturally put things into their mouths.

If anyone wants a bunch of seeds, send your postal address along via this comment form. Within a few weeks you’ll have little plants that look like these:


Re-seeded from the plants in the header image!

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

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