Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

Spring in the sub-tropics feels and looks like summer. Most local gardens have moved beyond budding into the first (of many!) flower cycles.  This gaillardia, re-seeded from last year, seems to like it hot and sunny,


Ditto my Florida cardinal Caladium, locally bred to produce thicker leaves for better sun tolerance.


These are the days when temps and humidity soar to the 90s, and late day downpours are an everyday given.  This next photo illustrates our humid, hot, hazy Spring so perfectly, I almost tagged it #iconic. 🙂  Right now it’s 4pm, and you can see the haze is settling in:


Don’t you just love those sherbet colors? 🙂  I sure do!

To see what Spring is like in other parts of the world, check out the Weekly Photo Challenge and  Zemanta related links below!

Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s challenge topic. If I were still living in Massachusetts, I’d be showing the tiniest of buds instead of fully bloomed perennials. Around Boston no one does much outdoor gardening until after Mother’s Day! Regional differences are what makes this challenge so interesting and informative. 🙂

    • I noticed that, too!
      We’ve been searching airbnb for accomodations for our trip (as an aside, we were SHOCKED how far ahead people book the more reasonably priced b&bs and hotels in your country! Several places had NO vacancies and it’s 4 mos away!!) and remarked how England’s spring flowers look so similar to what grew in Massachusetts. Although it seems spring arrives in England a good month ahead of what we experienced in Boston and Worcester. Is it normally so leafy and floriferous during April, or was this an unusually early spring?

      • Not early at all! here in the south west we have few frosts – just rain in winter and we are warmed by the gulf stream so plants tend to be ahead of the rest of the country. If I can help you find B&B in the south west email me, there are plenty of places. In fact I’ve just booked myself 2 nights in Hampshire by the sea in June!

        • Thank you! I was looking at the various beach communities in the south west and was wondering about St. Agnes? Where did you book in Hampshire? I haven’t looked at that yet at all! I probably should search your blog for anything you may have written re: various places I’ve been researching!

    • My boys live in Boston and they were bemoaning the 40-50 degree range, too. That seems a bit chillier than the norm for early May, but this was one dastardly winter!

  1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my take on Spring. I love your photos for this challenge – the last one with the butterfly is especially beautiful. Bees and butterflies just make Spring don’t they?!

  2. Beautiful photos and colors. Hard to imagine it’s 90 anywhere as we in Chicago have had a chilly spring. But it’s green and the flowers are finally blooming, so I’m glad.


  3. I’m just getting used to slightly warmer Spring temperatures, even though we might hit 80 tomorrow. 🙂 I don’t think I could take full-blown summer in early May!

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