The Blue Angels are in town!

With a roar and a rumble, the Blue Angels took a few practice runs over my house this morning in preparation for the Vero Beach Air Show, May 10-11.


If you’ve never heard of, or seen the Blue Angels, all I can say is “Why not???” The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron puts on one CRAZY amazing show. Saturday marks my third Blue Angel’s event–I’ve seen them at military bases in D.C. and Massachusetts–so I know to bring earplugs and plenty of water. Hanging out on the tarmac is really HOT and noisy!

Anyway….I snapped a few pics as they zipped overhead:

Diamond formation:


And stacked atop each other….


Climbing straight up:


Drop and roll down!


Vero Beach is an Aviation town: the international headquarters of Piper Aircraft is here, as well as two renowned flight schools, (one made infamous after the 9/11 terrorists trained there. eek!). In addition, Maggie’s fiancé is a soon to be graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautic Mechanic school, and I worked for Delta Airlines for 8yrs so now you understand the level of local interest in this event!  If you doubt me, check out the Air Show articles under Zemanta related links! The newspapers have been carrying on about planes this entire week! 😉

Until next time…..

🙂 🙂 🙂

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21 thoughts on “The Blue Angels are in town!

    • Oh definitely! The weather is supposed to be perfect, too, just like in these pics. May is always very nice here, the last dry month before rainy season kicks in!
      Warbirds over Wanaka looks fantastic! I assume you’ve been?

  1. I’m an Air Force kid so I’m Thunderbirds all the way! Blue Angels are pretty fantastic, too. I miss a good air show.

    • Best day out imaginable! I love touring the planes on display and seeing the paratrooper demonstrations. At the air show I saw in D.C a huge plane came along at the end of the Blue Angels Demo and l swear hundreds of paratroopers jumped from it. A spine tingling and perfect way to end that part of the event!

      I think we democratic countries fall short of communist ones in displaying military expertise and might to the populace. These shows are a tremendous way to stir up patriotism and respect for the men and women who volunteer to protect us!

    • Quite literally, you would sh*t! To be in the prescence of such powerful machines is very humbling. Not to mention the talent and precision is takes to fly them in such proximity to one another. One false move and it’s curtains!!!

  2. I lived in Pensacola when I was in high school, and visited my parents there before they moved from the area. I enjoyed watching their practice runs out at their air field. But you got to see them from your own backyard — exciting!! Great photos!

    • Oh Pensacola must’ve been a prime spot for viewing all kinds of neat military maneuvers! When we drive from here to Cocoa Beach on A!A it brings you right through the heart of Patrick Air Force Base and we’ve seen some enormo cargo planes cross the highway within feet of the hood of the car. LOL makes one instinctively duck! 🙂

  3. This post brings back wonderful memories of going to see the Blue Angels with my husband when we were still students.

    Your mention of Piper Aircraft sent me to the link you included and then to a google search to find out where Piper Aircraft was founded. I had a vague memory of my mother saying that there was a Piper Aircraft factory in Lock Haven, PA during WWII. I was surprised how many different places it has been located–but my memory was correct–Piper was in Lock Haven during WWII.

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  5. They bring traffic on US 50 to a STANDSTILL when they do practice runs before the graduation ceremonies at the Naval Academy! Although they took 3 years off for other events, they’re back this year. Hello, gridlock! 😀

    • Oh I never even thought of that! I think I’ve told you before how much I love Annapolis. When we lived in No Va. I visited the campus and surrounding town quite often. The day always ended with crabcakes! 😉 Great times!

  6. The acrobatics are amazing aren’t they – crazy, beautiful and scary all at the same time. We have a British version – The Red Arrows and I was lucky enough to see them in Hastings a few years ago – they ended their show with a love heart in the sky – how cute is that ?!

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