Hiking at Oslo Riverfront, Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Happy Memorial Day!

If you visit the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area bring plenty of bug spray, and be prepared for an interesting twist! This 365 acre preserve is loaded with jungle-like trails through 3 distinct habitats–coastal hammocks, pine flatwoods, and coastal wetlands.  This morning I hiked halfway around, starting at the “P” (click to enlarge map below), and ending at the wetlands Observation Tower before heading back.


Along the way I snapped many  photos for this week’s challenge, starting with a twist at the trailhead:


Further along, a series of slightly elevated (barely stable!!) planks twisted over an area where water pools during rainy season:


To the left of the planking, I saw a flowering saw palmetto in all its foamy, twisted glory!


Woohoo! “Walking the plank” without twisting an ankle! 😉  Life is good! 🙂


Entering the wetlands habitat, I was caught short by these mangroves in the early morning mist. The sun’s reflection and their twisty branches was a beautiful sight!


Climbing the observation tower, I could see the best was yet to come:


To the left of the ramp, an amazing glimpse of twisted roots…


and from the very end, the lagoon’s shoreline:


Because I was enjoying myself so much, I took a moment to twist and shout…

Happy Dance!

This sh*t right here!!!! (the origins of this family expletive TBA in a future post!)

before heading down the ramp as if nothing happened!


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Until next time….


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23 thoughts on “Hiking at Oslo Riverfront, Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

  1. Used to walk there with my parents who were Vero snowbirds…brought back memories.

  2. What a lovely walk! I was comparing it to my walk through the north woods today…what a difference! Both beautiful, though, in heir own way. Thanks, Karen!

    • Back in the day, my uncle owned a beautiful old hunting cabin on a remote lake in the Monadnock Mts . We cousins spent many a day exploring all the trails. The shadiness and wildflowers were truly a sight to behold! Special times, those were!

  3. This is a great share of a place I’d often visit… loved the flowering palmetto… that is something I haven’t seen before…

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