Aechmea fasciata and miscellaneous

Before my mother downsized her house, I lifted several Aechmea fasciata from her heavily shaded front lawn. Only one survived the transplant process and for 2.5yrs I wondered when (or if) it might bloom in my sunnier location.  Yesterday, the reward. 🙂


Urn Plants (as they’re commonly known) are ubiquitous in Vero Beach but they aren’t native.  Originally from Brazil, this stemless epiphyte grows 1-3′ tall in a basal rosette of stiff, arching, silvery-green leaves with black spines. Like many bromeliads, it blooms only once before dying, leaving pups (offsets) to take its place.

The inflorescence above is in a very early stage: at maturity the dense pyramidal head will lengthen as small violet-to-red flowers sprout among the bracts.  Such a beautiful, showy plant!

In other news, Jack had been visiting (he left last night) so we’ve spent a lot of time beachside and dining everywhere but home. 😉  My mother took this pic after Chicken Cacciatore at her house:


If TC were here, this would be a perfect a photo!

You may remember Jack wielding a machete on the rubber plant last January?  If not, here’s the original pic and a new one:

What a difference in 6 mos: both are so nicely dressed. 😉

For more  on A. fasciata, check out the Zemanta related links below.

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9 thoughts on “Aechmea fasciata and miscellaneous

  1. Hey what a great photo – all looking so happy… love the urn plant but never seen one flower… but the rubber tree is looking good…

    • Thanks, my friend. Yes, those dang rubber trees fill in so quickly and get so easily out of control. I took down a smaller one when I moved in, but that big one is so entrenched I’m stuck with it!

    • Thank you, Cathy.
      I’ve really enjoyed learning what I can and can’t grow here. I do miss my lilacs and tulips, though…always looked forward to them in my Massachuestts gardens.

  2. It is so much fun, seeing all your tropical vegetation…especially because you’re so knowledgeable about it. Thanks, Karen! Handsome boy you have there…lovely family!

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