Summer Solstice, 2014

Happy Solstice Day!

Ever wonder what Florida looks like on the longest day of the year?  Here are two pictures I took today:

From this perspective,  I’m the “crazy lady with too many plants.”


Sunny in the morning…..

But from THIS perspective, I’m not: 😉


Clouding over by late afternoon…

Last weekend a heavy storm destroyed the passiflora vines and original trellis here and I’m fairly certain lightening was to blame: the vines were sizzled and trellis shorn in two beneath them. I guess it grounded out when it shattered the base of the large ceramic pot (lower left in the frame.)  Big mess!

Although I hated cutting down passion flowers in full bloom, I like how neat and clean it looks now.  I hope the newly added Yucca gigantea, Amaryllis, and Lily bulbs do well here.

You all know I’ve been revamping my blog and I’m excited it’s finally done! I added the last piece this morning: an audio widget in the sidebar!

I listen to hours of music daily and often wish I could share it without writing entire posts no one cares to read.  So if you’re a music fan, keep an eye on that widget–right now my son’s song “Spiral” is uploaded, but I’ll be changing artists frequently.

A word about Spiral: T.C wrote it a few years ago, and it took my breath away even before he’d arranged and recorded what you’ll hear today. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Happy Summer to all of you, especially Timogarden whose Midsummer Party dance floor must be CRAZY right now!

Until next time….

🙂 🙂 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Summer Solstice, 2014

    • A few times each year my Master Gardener group has plant auctions/sales where I bring much of the overflow, but I missed the last one! When we have our fall sale I’ll be overloaded!

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  2. Too many plants? crazy? I think these are normal requirements for being a gardener. Another way of putting it: passion! I listened to your son’s music. I am reminded of my son who plays jazz guitar. What instrument(s) does your son play? Your son must be happy to have a proud mama who puts his music on her blog!

    • Hi Deb!
      My son started with the violin, then added piano, and finally guitar and plays all three regularly. When my daughter and I moved from MA. to FL, he and a friend came to take the piano which he somehow crammed in his room in his Boston apt..and i mean that thing is so wedged in he could probably play it laying in bed! that’s a true musician for you!
      He really wasn’t keen on school but being in the various bands and orchestras kept him engaged enough to show up and that was good enough for me. In high school he loved Jazz Band and discovered he had a talent for “sound” so went on to study audio/video production in which he got his B.S degree. School didn’t appeal to him until he found something appealing to study.
      When he was here recently (he is now 30yrs old) he thanked me for making sure he finished high school and encouraging him toward college. Never thought I’d see the day! 🙂

  3. Those are not yet too plenty as i see your garden! That’s a big space still for more plants, if that’s mine oh i am so happy to populate it with hoyas, haha!

  4. Your yard is so pretty and manicured. Your plants/flowers look very happy. I say nope you don’t have too many, but you might need more. Go for it. lol
    It’s ashame about the lightning strike. Weather damage is so disheartening because there’s not much way to prevent it.
    It’s great to be visiting here with you again. Your blog looks great. The design and colors are nice and welcoming.

    • Thank you so much, E.C.!
      Nature certainly humbles us and some of our late day storms get pretty violent: the winds pick up really fast and before you know it branches are down and pots that aren’t secured or extra heavy get blown all over the place. I got smart after the first year here and started using larger containers so I could place bricks or heavy stones inside before adding soil and seeds/starter plants.
      Just yesterday my mother and I were talking about the hurricanes of 2004 (there were 2 in which Vero Beach was dead-center and they hit only 3 weeks apart.) Many residents lost entire landscapes along with palm trees that framed their property for years. Whether its drought or too much rain or springs that come too late, we’re all at the whim of the weather!

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