Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Yesterday I noticed two blooming plants with characteristics that worked for this week’s challenge.  First, a Phalaenopsis (unknown origin) protruding between the Peace lilies along my back fence.

Second, an Aechmea fasciata I shared when it began spiking.  Two weeks later, the pyramidal head has lengthened and small violet-to-red flowers sprout between  pink bracts.

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. Wow to have an orchid just pop up in the garden is magic… I do love the urn plants flower… never seen it before, beautiful…

    • the Aechmea varieties put out some crazy looking flowers! There’s a few others I’d like to add: Aechmea blue tango and another called A. fantasia. If you haven’t run across either, do a google search…you’re in for a treat!

  2. The images are all beautiful — but I’ve never seen one in the second set, so that’s the one my eye keeps going back to. The small flowers between the pink are fascinating!

  3. Exciting in betweens! I used to help my mom propagate the second plant. I believe it belongs to a bromeliad family. After flowering , it makes lot of new buds.

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