In a Vase on Monday: 7/7/14

It’s been raining pretty hard, so this Monday’s vase was assembled quickly.  I used a little bit of everything and a strawberry pot from a long forgotten corner:


I filled the pot with Euphorbia tirucalli (pencil cactus) and Sansevieria trifasciata (snake plant) before inserting a few stems of Iris domestica (blackberry lily,) Ruellia tweediana (Mexican petunia,) and Verbena bonariensis (purple top/vervain.)

For the side pockets, I chopped a few heads of Aloe ciliaris to help anchor the Passiflora incense flowers.  Just before taking pictures I remembered the “filler/spiller/thriller” rule and included a few mandevilla tendrils to “wing out” the sides.


I was pleased with the outcome but Clarisse was unimpressed: she slept through all my efforts AND the drizzle. 😉

Kudos to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for creating this fun weekly challenge.  You can see other Monday Vases by clicking here

Until next time…

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22 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday: 7/7/14

  1. I love your quirky arrangement. That is a gorgeous Passion Flower. Is it hardy? The Mexican Petunia is so pretty too, much nicer than the over hybridised ones you usually see.

    • P. incense is one of the hardier ones. It is hardy to USDA zone 6 which means around 0 degrees Fahrenheit, although that seems a bit too low to me unless you mulch it over the winter and/or plant it someplace protected.

  2. Your arrangement is full of personality–it shouts of summer! I like the Mexican petunia especially and also the blackberry lily. Is the lily difficult to grow?

    • The Iris domestica (blackberry lily) is considered a shorter lived perennial in the colder zones because the rhizomes (and seeds) don’t spread/germinate as easily as they do further south. For me here in zone 10 it’s almost a weed.
      . Where are you located? I have too many spreading to areas I’d rather not see them so would happily send some to you. I’ll be digging a bunch up in late August for sure.

      • You have lots of interesting plants that can grow well in your area. Thanks for the generous offer. I am not sure I’ll have a place to put any this fall but if so, perhaps I can remind you about them? I’m in Chapel Hill,NC, zone 7b. Not sure I’ve ever seen these growing anywhere. The one time many years ago I tried to order it, the company was out of stock. Thanks! Susie

  3. I do love the passion flower next to the pot or is it in the pot.??
    The Blue passion flower is a declared weed in South Africa… why? It scrambles over and competes with indigenous species and is suspected of being poisonous… a category 1 weed and has to be removed where found…

    • I threaded the passionflowers through the aloe leaves to hold them in place.
      I’m not surprised you need to yank them there…I find them sprouting up throughout the lawn and in between my rear patio pavers all the time. Funny isn’t it how the prettiest can be the most “pesty!”

  4. The pot is fabulous and filling it with all those summery blooms was a great idea! Love the passion flower especially.

  5. Filler/spiller/thriller” rule? You’re a dark horse as you have obviously done some ‘real’ flower arranging before…! It is intriguing to see completely different plants in some of the vases of people outside the UK – it adds to the interest and education that the meme is bringing, as I certainly don’t know most of these. And how would we otherwise find that the passionflower is a pernicious weed in South Africa?! What a great idea to use the strawberry pot – more ideas…… Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Actually, at one point I had a business arrangement with a local florist who kept my house looking pretty with all kinds of arrangements. It was good adverstising for her, and I benefitted from much of her expertise!

    • Are they considered invasives in your part of South Africa? There’s a comment further up (from Rob/Bulldog of the former Rhodesia) about them being banned where he lives.

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