Wordless Wednesday: Tale of Two Beaches: 7/16/14

What I disliked most about Massachusetts was the greyness but lately I wondered if my memory was selectively negative..  Apparently not!   A long time friend took this pic (this morning) at Revere Beach (MA)


Now check out the photo I took at Jaycee Beach/Seaside Grille within minutes of the one above:


Granted it isn’t ALWAYS bleak in MA or bright and sunny here, but the contrast today is pretty damn amazing!

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Revere Beach photograph by Victor DeRubeis: Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tale of Two Beaches: 7/16/14

  1. Very Impressive. I think you made a wise choice in moving where the sun shines more often. Look at that gorgeous blue sky.
    On the day that photo was taken of the bleak beach it sure was an ominous looking place ~shudder~.

    • Revere Beach was a beautiful spot…like 100yrs ago!!
      Although it’s the go to beach for Bostonians on the north side of the city, it’s been an unkempt mess since I was a kid. LOL Of course that never stopped us from heading there in droves on hot days! the buses and trains have stops there so it’s highly convenient!

  2. That is quite a contrast! However, there is beauty in that moody gray beach scene, as long as it doesn’t last all year!

  3. There is a beauty to be found in both shots…then I read your comment that Revere beach is now a mess…such a shame. I will say that I tend to lean to the warmer side these days. This said sitting here in beach with my dressing gown on. It is a bleak, cold morning here and my fire is not on. Some problem with it which means no fire until it has been checked. Grrrrr…though last night was funny. All three fur babies snuggled extremely close to their mama ALL night instead of abandoning me for a place by the fire.

  4. Actually, there is a true soft beauty in gray days and fog, but the longer I live the more I realize I need steady “fixes” of sunshine to keep my mood sunny. In Colorado we have an average of almost 300 days with sun a year. We also have high rates of skin cancer at this altitude, so there’s a trade off.

  5. That fog is really amazing to see—at least in a photo! Too many gray, foggy days, though, weigh me down. I know I could never live in the Pacific Northwest!

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