New plants :)

I recently placed an order with and I’m so impressed!  They packaged their stock with care and shipped it quickly: all three plants arrived in perfect shape and much larger than expected!  This is the Gaura I just popped in the ground. Isn’t it huge for 12.00?


Gaura lindiheimeri “Pink Cloud.” 7/19/14

G. lindheimeri “Pink Cloud” (aka Bee Blossom) was created in 2001 when Loleta Powell, of  North Carolina crossed G. dauphine with G. siskiyou pink. The result was a solidly upright growth pattern with brilliant pink flowers from early spring to late fall.  If you like the informal look of long, wispy stems and spider-like flowers, this one’s for you!


Gaura lindheimeri “Pink Cloud.” flowers, 7/19/14

I was equally impressed by the size of the ornamental pomegranate, although I believe it was mis-identified on the Plant Delights website.  If you go by their catalog descripition/photos, Punica granatum “Nochi Shibari” should instead be P. granatum “Mme Legrelle.”   Both shrubs look similar until huge double blooming flowers appear:  Legrelle’s are orange with white variegation, and Nochi Shibari’s a deep solid red.  So which did i buy?  I emailed Tony (Plant Delight’s owner) for clarification.

Right now the mystery plant is strictly stems and foliage, but look how strong and thick it looks. Mis-labeled or not, I LOVE this nursery’s quality stock!


Punica granatum (unknown) 7/19/14

I also purchased a Gloxnia variety named Sinningia “Bananas Foster” but haven’t placed it yet. As soon as I do, I’ll post pics!

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26 thoughts on “New plants :)

  1. I know it’s a gardening blog Karen and I love the “Pink Cloud” flowers but I have to say the first picture with the Pink Cloud.. the fence as a background makes me happy because I am hooked on a fence and gate meme and that fence, the texture is lovely.. 😀

    • I’m curious how this one will do. Some day I should do a post about my garden “failures”…I think we’ve all had things keel over or limp along for unexplained reasons.

  2. It’s cool that you can order plants online and they actually turn up in good condition. My dad does it sometimes (although I do like a good wander around a garden centre!).

    • Oh me too…I much prefer seeing the plants in person but I haven’t found a local nursery with interesting/out-of the ordinary selections. (Big problem for people who like oddball flora!)

  3. Your new plants are lovely. The pink cloud has very cheerful blossoms.
    I look forward to seeing what your mystery plant is. Mystery plants are so fun. 🙂

    • I just put the sinningia in the ground yesterday; it poured torrentially right afterwards so hopefully it watered in well. Planting in the dead of summer isn’t the best idea!

    • It seems to have “taken” really well already: so many things wilt for a week after you pop them in the ground (esp in the dead of summer) but it’s looking real solid. Almost as soon as I planted it, we had several hours of heavy rain so I think it helped immensely.

      • Glad to hear that it is doing well! I had mine until it caught herbicidal drift from a neighbor spraying his yard. It is nice mixed into a border planting.

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