Wordless Wednesday: 7/30/14 (Verbena Surprise)

I love when flowers appear unexpectedly!

This “volunteer” is a phlox variety  although the leaves seem a bit veiny?  I’ve included additional pics from different angles so let me know if you can I.D. it!

(Edit: 8/3/14: The comments overwhelmingly identified this plant as a Verbena, specifically Verbena canadensis ‘Rosea.’  See comment from Theshrubqueen below)


Somehow it grew in a perfectly located forgotten container! Such a nice accent for the pink Fingerpaint brom (Neoregelia spectabilis.)


…here’s another view with Gaillardia Torch Red Ember in the background.


Seed germination in unexpected spots is not as easy as you might think! Recently, my blog friend–a felllow Treasure Coast resident–George Rogers wrote a VERY informative, entertaining post on the subject.

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Until next time….

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15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 7/30/14 (Verbena Surprise)

  1. It’s bright beautiful flowers reminds us that Summer is still here and everyday, new amazing surprises awaits. Hope you are having the best of Summer my friend. I am now on my way to the Philippines to join my wife and son. My last post were pictures from a trip 2 years ago but the words were meant for the present. I left in 2003. I was 31. My world went in a roller coaster ride after. Ha, ha, ha. Fun sometimes. Scary other times. Never a dull moment though. All the best to you and family.

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