Ruralside, Vero Beach

Although I’ve shared many pictures of Beachside, Vero Beach, I’ve never shown you the rural belt along the western edge of town.  For today’s Wordless Wednesday (mostly!) I thought I’d share pictures of a friend’s farmlet property in this lovely and quiet area.


The new fence looks really pretty!


and here’s the reason for said fence:

This horse thinks she’s human!

Her horse kept coming on the porch and looking in the windows…esp when it rained! 🙂 🙂

FYI, I’ve been posting less for several reasons: Maggie moved back in a few weeks ago and we’ve been busy reorganizing the house, cleaning the garage, baking for fun, and trying to learn a bit of Icelandic–we leave on our trip two weeks from this very minute!

We’ve also been shopping, shopping (and more shopping) having realized Florida wardrobes are completely inadequate for Iceland/England/France in September.  Finding warm gear in stores here was challenging but we finally purchased everything we need including full raingear and rubber boots.  Now we’re just keeping fingers crossed Bárðarbunga doesn’t blow until after 9/10!

Until next time…

🙂 🙂 🙂

16 thoughts on “Ruralside, Vero Beach

  1. Beautiful farmland pics. How lovely to have a horse peering in the windows. 🙂 Have a great trip. I hope England will have mild weather, as I’m heading over there in a couple of weeks, and don’t have rubber boots or thermals. 🙂

  2. Love the rural coastal setting. Simple, quiet, full of adventure possibilities.
    I am excited and happy for you. I bet the trip will be amazing. Bring lots of pictures and fun memories. As for shopping, a must for any international trip. Weather is crazy different in the other side of the world. Have a safe trip. All the best to your and your family. As for me, it’s back to work and reality. A bit homesick with some jet lag blues but very grateful for the chance to be around family. Take care.

  3. Several things about this particular post drew me in so wonderfully. First, I love your blog title – it just really appeals to me – second I love Florida. I’ve been through Vero Beach several times but have never explored the area. The horse on the porch is spectacular and so is your upcoming trip. I can’t wait to read your posts as I’m a vicarious traveler for the most part. God bless your every moment!

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