Brighton and Hove, Part 1

After leaving Paris, we took the train to Brighton and Hove to meet up with Maggie’s boyfriend who’d arrived from Dublin.


What a FUN place…much larger than we’d all expected!  First we explored the side streets, and with Seamus on hand we posed for a proper, non-selfie photo. 🙂


Uphill we found the Wheel perfectly framed:


Then we walked over to Regency Square:


At the foot of the street we found a restaurant for our first ever “fish and chips”  🙂


Nary a morsel left on the plate when we were done!

We strolled back along the waterfront…and later learned the locals call it “promenading” (thank you, Claire!)  The beach was rocky but wide enough for all sorts of amusements


…and sculptures


and many activities for kids and families:


I mean seriously…could we have ordered a better day for this little excursion?  So bright and beautiful!


Normal people might have stretched this amount of activity over an entire, relaxing day but not us…we crammed it into 3 hrs so we could hit the Royal Pavilion Gardens by early afternoon. 🙂 More on that in Brighton and Hove, Part 2.

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    • We were so enamored of Fish and Chips we ordered it several more times around London. I mean it’s not like we don’t have fried cod here, but there was a definite difference in the fluffiness of the batter and flakiness of the fish. Fun vacation food is where it’s at!

  1. Dare I admit that neither my husband nor I had fish and chips when we were in England? 🙂 It’s great to see your photos from the same time but somewhat different places! What a fantastic place for a vacation, yes?

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  4. Beautiful pictures—makes me want to take a trip (and buy a better camera) (which costs as much as a trip). This comment spans more then one of your posts but will know what I’m referring to. That photo of the purple/black gorgeous species in front of Brighton Palace (I think) with the statue behind it looks at a glance like a huge Butterfly-Weed (Buddleja), but actually I believe it is a species of Phytolacca. They grow a couple in the UK, maybe P. acinosa from India or even our own P. americana, or even another. Would not be hard to decide which species it be if that were important, which is unlikely. Try Google images of those species. My 10-second first thought is P. acinosa, but to be certain would take a little more work. Phytolaccas all look alike.

    With your permission, I’d like to add that photo with credit to you in any use, to my photo files. Will come in very handy someday in a powerpoint. I mean that is the best Phytolcacca photo I’ve ever seen.

    You have a lovely photo of a pod with orange seeds showing, and you note you wondered what it is to the point of asking around. It looks like Montbretia Lily (Crocosmia) which is grown in the U.K. Here’s one for comparison:

    Belamcanda can look similar too, but its seeds as far as I know turn jet black fairly quickly.

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