Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today the weather was overcast and threatening rain. Not a good day for snapshots of flora, but excellent conditions for sneaking up on fauna. 😎  Case in point:

Unidentified Tree Frog, Florida

Tree Frog, Florida


I checked the Florida Frog and Toad Image Index in hopes of identifying our amphibian friend, but the best I can tell you is what it’s not! It’s definately NOT the Cuban Tree Frog, an invasive species I see constantly, hiding in the tanks of my tillandsias and bromeliads.

I waited and watched for a bit, to see where he’d venture next:

This is why they call them tree frogs!

Is this what they mean by “tree hugger?!” 😉

In short order, he rounded the tree to the orchid pots:

Florida Tree Frog near orchid pots

Tree Frog takes a stretch!

Ahhhhhh……that feels good! 🙂

Muscles warmed up, he peeked over the edge:

Tree Frog, ready to jump!

Is the coast clear?

And then he was gone!!

I like to think he went off in pursuit of a friend….perhaps visiting the turtle who lives in our yard, or the moles who raise tunnels in my gardens each night.

A real life Wind in the Willows is such a pleasant thought on a grey and showery day! 🙂

Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)