Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Living near the ocean as I do, my cell-cam is full of shots featuring birds and beach-goers against horizons of surf and sand.  I swiped through the lot of them for this week’s challenge and decided most were repetitive, boring and–for lack of a better word–flat.  Not so, this one: I love everything about these old friends gazing at the horizon.

Old Friends in Hats, Jaycee Beach, 10/20/13

 (Note: For better visual impact, click on the photos to enlarge them! pumpkin-joyfull try it! )

I’m partial to these next images because they draw the eye to a midpoint on the horizon. First you notice the queen palm, and then the sliver of beach where sky meets land at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

Queen Palm and the horizon, Disney Vero Beach Resort, 4/6/13

A beautiful sky over the road to Key West: adventure pulls us toward the horizon.pumpkin winking

Key West on the horizon, 8/9/13

X marks the spot in the horizon over Jaycee Beach.pumpkin no comment

X marks the spot on the Jaycee Beach horizon 4/27/13

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