Wordless Wednesday: October 17, 2012

McKee Botanical Garden is preparing for its third annual showcase of Scarecrows in the Garden! Today was installation day and Ivana and I were there with our creation, “Ms Kitty Furr-al”  a cat with an important message: Spay and neuter: don’t breed ferals!

Ms. Kitty Furr-al, McKee Scarecrow Contest, October 2012

This year, 21 local families, schools and businesses participated and from what we saw, every entry was extremely clever and creative! The winner is selected by the popular vote of people visiting the garden between Oct. 19 and Halloween.  The winner will be announced November 1st via McKee’s Facebook Page.

Wish us luck!!

To learn more about spaying/neutering your pets, click this Humane Society link: It’s more affordable than you think!

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Wordless Wednesday: October 3, 2012

Vero Beach is home to McKee Botanical Gardens and one of the nation’s largest outdoor collections of waterlilies.  I took this photo last March, and love how the pads “sit” atop the palm tree’s reflection. 🙂

McKee Garden Waterlilies, March 28, 2012

McKee is an architectural gem dating back to 1922.  To see the black and white “tourist” reel  “Jungle Garden in 1939,” click below:

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🙂 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Established in 1932, McKee Botanical Garden is one of the prettiest spots in Vero Beach. Although it flourished during the family car trip years (after WWII through the 1960s,) the park closed in 1975 due to financial problems. Over the next 2 decades, all but 18 of the original 88 acres were sold off, as contractors and businesses cashed in on Florida’s booming construction industry.

Enter the Indian River Land Trust, whose mission is “to promote the preservation, conservation and improvement of Indian River County’s natural resources and special places for the benefit of the general public and future generations.”   They bought and restoried the remaining acreage, saving McKee from all further commercial development.  Since then, this beautiful oasis has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places and endorsed by the Garden Conservancy as a project of national significance.

On Wednesday my friend Ivana and I strolled the reborn garden paths, taking lots of pictures.   I’m working on an in-depth McKee Gardens pictorial that I’ll share soon, but one of the shots works well for this week’s photo challenge:

through the palm trees

Looking through the palm trees

 As I was taking the picture, I thought the trees looked like bars on a window or a barricade to an entrance; .I envisioned land developers looking through in dismay, angry at being kept out! 😯

Until next time.. 🙂

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