Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth (Gardenfest part 1)

I kept this week’s photo challenge in mind while taking pictures at Gardenfest.

First up: looking down a row of incredible Medinilla magnifca

Medinilla magnifica, Gardenfest 2015

Medinilla magnifica, Gardenfest 2015

…and a row of bananas:

Going Bananas, Gardenfest 2015

Going Bananas, Gardenfest 2015

Next, a view through the Spanish Moss:

Looking through the Spanish Moss, Gardenfest 2015

Looking through the Spanish Moss, Gardenfest 2015

…and a wander under impressive Live Oaks:

Under the oaks, Gardenfest 2015

Under the oaks, Gardenfest 2015

Each year Gardenfest grows bigger and better, with increasingly unusual vendors and displays.  Definitely one of Vero Beach‘s premier in-season events!  Part 2 later in the week!

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Shipwreck “Houses of Refuge”

Vero Beach is located on Florida’s Treasure Coast, an area well known for shipwrecks during the 18th-19th centuries.  As the region became more populous, Houses of Refuge sprang up to assist survivors. The first safe haven was founded at Bethel Creek (now Jaycee Beach) in 1876 and looked like this in 1914:

All Houses of Refuge were built alike and included a main house, cistern, and boathouse. They were placed within 15‐20 miles of each other, assuring those who washed ashore might find help within a day’s walk.

In 2012, I unknowingly photographed the remains of Bethel Creek’s safe haven for use in Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry.   Last week I noticed a newly placed historical marker by the foundation blocks:

Bethel Creek House of Refuge remains, Vero Beach

John Houston was the first keeper of Bethel Creek but 18 more quickly followed before the refuge burned in 1917. Historical documents cite boredom and poor health as reasons for the rapid turnover but perhaps less than $400.00 per year compensation had an impact, too!  Interesting to note: during this era, the most memorable shipwrecks were the USS Panama (1887) whose hold full of textiles benefitted the rescuers, and the Breconshire (1894) whose boiler off Humiston Park is now a popular diving spot.

I’ve always been fascinated by history and was thrilled to stumble across this historical marker. In closing, here’s a closeup of the marker and a different angle on the remains.

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Wordless Wednesday: January in Florida

“To see a world in a grain of sand…

Sandcastle, Jaycee Beach, 1/6/15

And a heaven in a wild flower…

Hibiscus, Vero Beach

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand…

TC, Jack, Me, Rita, Dave Disney Vero Beach Resort, 1/05/15

And eternity in an hour…

William Blake (1757–1827), British poet, painter, engraver. Auguries of Innocence, l. 1-4, Poems from the Pickering Manuscript (c. 1803), repr. In Complete Writings, ed. Geoffrey Keynes (1957)

Happy New Year!!!

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Wordless Wednesday: Sunset, Vero Beach

We’ve had unsettled, grey, rainy weather this week, but it cleared right around sunset:

Vero Beach Sunset, 11/26/14

Vero Beach Sunset, 11/26/14

Such an extraordinary sight, expecially on the eve of Thanksgiving!

I feel such gratitude toward everyone who’s visited/followed my blog these past three years, Thank you for your comments and likes; I’ve learned so much from so many of you and I’m thrilled you’re along for the journey!

Love, peace and happiness as you celebrate tomorrow!

Until next time…

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Ruralside, Vero Beach

Although I’ve shared many pictures of Beachside, Vero Beach, I’ve never shown you the rural belt along the western edge of town.  For today’s Wordless Wednesday (mostly!) I thought I’d share pictures of a friend’s farmlet property in this lovely and quiet area.


The new fence looks really pretty!


and here’s the reason for said fence:

This horse thinks she’s human!

Her horse kept coming on the porch and looking in the windows…esp when it rained! 🙂 🙂

FYI, I’ve been posting less for several reasons: Maggie moved back in a few weeks ago and we’ve been busy reorganizing the house, cleaning the garage, baking for fun, and trying to learn a bit of Icelandic–we leave on our trip two weeks from this very minute!

We’ve also been shopping, shopping (and more shopping) having realized Florida wardrobes are completely inadequate for Iceland/England/France in September.  Finding warm gear in stores here was challenging but we finally purchased everything we need including full raingear and rubber boots.  Now we’re just keeping fingers crossed Bárðarbunga doesn’t blow until after 9/10!

Until next time…

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Wordless Wednesday: 8/20/14 (Mushroom Cloud)

Check out these crazy clouds forming off Jaycee Beach.  (Photos taken 3mins apart at 12:30pm, 8/15/14)



As the storm coalesced and the rain began, it looked a lot like a nuclear mushroom cloud.  We made it off the beach just as it REALLY started coming down!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

This week’s photo challenge asks us to share a story with jagged lines: mine begins with a zigzag of waves along Humiston Beach.

Zigzag surf line at Humiston Beach, 8/2/14

Zigzag surf line at Humiston Beach, 8/2/14

We’ve had so much rain this summer and precious few good/long beach days! The next two pictures show the zigzag advance of threatening clouds. Strong winds off the Atlantic held them shy of our position but beachgoers a few miles north weren’t so lucky: note the sheet of rain falling behind the lifeguard umbrella:


Off to the south it wasn’t much better: more zigzags rolling in. 😮


At the exact time Maggie and I were tanning and snacking ;),  Ivana was running the bridge from the mainland. She snapped a fantastic shot of an Osprey with zigzag wings!


It’s so nice when the weather cooperates, isn’t it?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Nothing says Summer Lovin’ like a hot, steamy night with an electric storm on the horizon.


Mcwilliams Boat Ramp, Vero Beach, 7/26/14

I snapped these pics at the McWilliams Park Boat Ramp while waiting for my friend Ivana to start her first ever road race…at age 70!

Shortly after her son died (unexpectedly) last December, Ivana began walking 3-4x per week to manage her sadness and stress levels.  Before too long, walking turned to jogging and the goal became training hard enough to compete in a marathon by 2015. Go Ivana! 🙂

Last night’s run was a family event to benefit the Vero Beach High School Cross Country team. Participants included kids as young as 6, and men well into their 80s, but Ivana was the sole entrant in the Women ages 70-75 category. 🙂

After a brief lightning delay, the starting gun and cheerleaders kicked things off:

32mins later, Ivana crossed the finish line with a time that marked her personal best. I wish I’d gotten clearer pictures, but dusk was rapidly falling.

The event finished with a traditional Summer lovin’ menu of Southern Pulled Pork, cole slaw and watermelon. Yum!20140726_200915

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PS:  Did it irk anyone else that WP left the “g” off the end of loving?  Arrrggghhhh!  I cringed every time I had to type that hokey spelling!

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Wordless Wednesday: Tale of Two Beaches: 7/16/14

What I disliked most about Massachusetts was the greyness but lately I wondered if my memory was selectively negative..  Apparently not!   A long time friend took this pic (this morning) at Revere Beach (MA)


Now check out the photo I took at Jaycee Beach/Seaside Grille within minutes of the one above:


Granted it isn’t ALWAYS bleak in MA or bright and sunny here, but the contrast today is pretty damn amazing!

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Revere Beach photograph by Victor DeRubeis: Thank you!

Wordless Wednesday: 6/18/14, Seagrass Planters

Every Saturday, the Beachside Farmers’ Market offers fresh foods and horticultural products to the residents and tourists of Vero Beach.  One day I may actually break down and buy a few of these beautifully crafted containers at the Akamai Accents Booth.



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