Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

I’ve been loving the recent Photo Challenge topics!  This week, we’re asked to share images of something fleeting so I’ve decided to focus on the weather!

During the first week of May, Vero Beach was alternately shrouded in haze, drowning in rain, or baking under the sun.  As you can see in these pictures, all three seem to be happening at once….that’s what I call fleeting weather!

20130504_134233A thundercloud above cast our chairs into shadow, but looking toward the east you can see the sun’s glare and the hazy outline of people playing in the surf!  Such strange, fleeting light that day!


Although it’s early in the challenge week, many bloggers have already posted EXCELLENT submissions, so be sure to click the Zemanta links, below. 🙂  I’ll be back for another shot at this topic in a day or so.

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Tradescantia Ohiensis

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Since January 1st, the Sunshine State has been anything but sunny ❗  Of the past 14 days, 9 have been partly-to-mostly cloudy and today was MOTS.  When the sky hinted at steely illumination around 8:45am, I went running for the camera:

Steely Illumination, 1/14/13

While zooming the lens, I noticed a glare bouncing around the Brazilian Pepper Tree so rapidly started clicking.

Illumination, Brazilian Pepper Tree, 1/14/13

I’m thrilled I caught this illuminating shot…so early in the week, too. 🙂

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Moisture + Mugginess = Stay Inside and Hide!!

The past three days have been overcast and horribly muggy, with record breaking temperatures in the 90s!  Instead of bringing relief, late day rains have ushered in overnight sogginess…..enough apparently, for this to happen:

Mushrooms in my bromeliads!

Mushrooms growing in my bromeliad container!?!

Billbergia windii  in Spike

Billbergia windii in Spike

Teeny tiny mushrooms at 3:15pm., 06/01/12

Teeny tiny mushrooms at 3:15pm., 06/01/12

June 1, 2012 Tornado Warning 6pm Vero Beach

“Stay inside and hide!” texted Jack, upon receipt of this photo 😉

Nature’s Way on a Rainy Day

What a rainy weekend we’ve had along the Treasure Coast—downpours for the better part of two days!  On Friday morning, I planted a half package of morning glory seeds directly into my perimeter garden–undoubtedly they’ve washed away to who-knows-elsewhere in the yard.  Guess I should have checked my weather app more closely, but it might’nt have mattered…nature has its own timetable, despite our best efforts to control it.

Nevertheless, I went out during a lull in the storm to snap a few pictures–I love how the Ranchero looks when the sky is grey and there’s water droplets about…see if you don’t agree!

Pincushion Cactus in BloomAnything that flowers in winter is a favorite of mine; I like its spirit!  I bought this Pincushion Cactus from the Target on the next block, just before they closed their Garden Center forever. (Woe was me, that day!  😦 )

Columnea aka Dolphin VineCavorting in the water isn’t a problem for this next plant! I received the Columnea above as part of a Spring Hill Nursery grab bag. I’d never heard of “Dolphin Vine” but was delighted to find it among the items they sent last summer. It’s grown so much, I’ve since divided and repotted it into 3 containers; I’ve rooted quite a few cuttings from it, too!

Another winter bloomer is the Kalanchoe Gastonis Bonnieri…now THAT’s a mouthful! I prefer to call it Mexican Donkey Ears, which technically is inaccurate because this succulent has nada to do with Mexico and mucho to do with Madagascar.  One of the best descriptions of this plant’s history can be found here, and one of the prettiest pictures of it, here:

Mexican Donkey Ears😉 I admit to being biased, but this particular plant IS pretty, yeah?  In two weeks or so, the pink buds will open into beautiful bell shaped flower clusters. As one of the original Ranchero “baby” plants from winter of 2010, I’m very excited to witness its first bloom. The fact that it survived two years in which Vero Beach experienced several weeks of hard freezes, is remarkable!

Even though it was raining, not snowing, it began to look a lot like Christmas today:

First Christmas Cactus Bloom of 2011The first Christmas Cactus flower of the 2011 season opened alone amidst a downpour, another reminder that nature ALWAYS finds its way, even when circumstances aren’t ideal, and conditions are downright negative.    Something to ponder…..

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