Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

21st century science tells us that electromagnetic fields can interfere with neural synapses in the human brain and theories abound regarding the results of these disruptions.  Did you really see that ghost/orb/entity or was it some strange hijacking of your brain’s communication center?   What of the odd, hazy outline in your peripheral vision, the shadow person just beyond the corner of your eye? Many people have reported seeing the Mysterious Hat Man, a fleeting image in the recesses of a dark room, who brings a feeling of unease, of being watched,  that lingers long after his apparition is gone.

Mysterious Hatman

Thankfully, I haven’t seen this ominous “person,”  but I have caught sight of a different one!  When the light is just right–golden, late afternoon sunlight– I sometimes see a spectral vision, haunting The Ranchero.

shadow woman

Mysterious Garden Lady

Last spring I was lucky enough 😉 to catch the above image via cellcam and post it to Facebook with the following caption:  “Do you believe in Shadow People? I do!”

All joking aside, the message in the caption is why this pic is such an illustrative self-portrait: I absolutely DO believe in the fringe-sciences–the left-of-mainstream stuff that brands alot of people as “crazies”–yet I know I’m absolutely sane!   🙂   Paranormal events, ESP, remote viewing, UFOs…the wonderful, hard-to-fathom topics of Coast to Coast AM radio; these are the ideas to which I gravitate in books, movies, and TV.

While searching through my computer today, I ran across an old Coast to Coast audio file from the late ’90s when Art Bell, the show’s originator and first host, was in his heyday. .What you are about to hear may be total theater or it may be total truth–who can say for certain??  But without a doubt, this on air conversation between Art  and a pilot flying over Area 51 restricted airspace is 100% entertaining!    Click this to listen!

Remember….The Truth is Out There!!

Until next time!!


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