Garden Exotica

Pantala Flavescens is the most widely distributed dragonfly on the planet; they live and breed everywhere except Europe where winds out of Africa create a barrier to their travels. Commonly known as Globe Skimmers or Wandering Gliders, they fly almost continuously, only stopping briefly to lay eggs or grab a quick meal….except for this one who slept away the ENTIRE afternoon in the Penthouse Suite at the Canna Hotel:

Pantala flavescens

The Himalayas will still be there…….after my nap! 😉

I let the little bugger be, but kept an eye on him while I went about my business. I wasn’t particularly quiet, either: the door banged shut a few times from the wind and I was repotting  peace lilies, dropping tools etc…not a hint of movement from 1:45pm when I took the picture until just after 430pm when I watched him lift off and zigzag away!

Bye-Bye!!!  Have a nice flight!  🙂

After dinner, I got another unexpected surprise:

Brassia Maculata

First open Brassia of the season, Aug 17, 2012

There are four other blooms on this spike that should open over the next week or so. 🙂  It’s easy to see why these are called Spider Orchids, yeah?

The Bird of Paradise flower (mentioned a few days ago) opened last night. I’ve uploaded it as Flower of the Month for August, so check out the sidebar on the homepage.  And if you STILL haven’t seen enough, click on the recently finished May photo gallery for a retrospective on some of my prettiest tropical plants!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. My sons favorite bug! I’ve never been able to get a good photo of one, you were able to get good resolution of its wings, very nice!

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