Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

For those who’ve been following awhile, you know my sons were here separately over the last 3 weeks for Spring vacations.  In the way of all mothers, ;) I took waayyyyyy too many photos, in waayyyyyy too many combinations, of everyone together having fun!  Many of the shots were great, but this is the one I thought most special:

My mother and her first grandchild

This is my mother and T.C, sitting together at the Seaside Grill.  She became a grandmother for the first time 27.5 yrs ago, when he was born.  I was so thrilled to get this nice picture of them together on April 24, 2012 after luncheon.

For other photos from the boys’ Spring visits, be sure to click  The Family of Small House. :)

Until next time…..

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

    • You are so right! I have to get a lot better about printing my digital photos!

      Isn’t it crazy how a generation ago everyone had boxes and boxes of terribly out of focus family photos, some with heads cut off and thumbs blocking half the exposure! Now we have all sorts of professional quality images, most of which never leave the black mirrors where they began! I’m sure this says something about society….may have to explore it in a future entry! ;)

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