Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

This week, WordPress asks us to share pictures in which color takes center stage. No problem!  My Neoregelias are coming into bloom, and more than happy to comply!

Neoregelia, 4/6/13

Neoregelias form a group of over 50 species and hybrid varieties within the larger family of bromeliads. Their rosette shaped, strappy leaves are usually green, maroon, or red with contrasting splotches/spots/stripes. When a plant comes into bloom, it assumes a flatter shape and the colors intensify, particularly inside the center “tank”


Regardless of leaf color, neoregelia flowers are typically white or purplish-blue, opening a few at a time from a pad-like inflorescence within the center cup. Look closely at the next photo and you’ll see both structures:

Neoregelia in Bloom, 4/06/13

Two more flowers arrived this morning: 🙂   This is some serious color

Neoregelia in Bloom, 4/09/13

I’ve written a few other posts about Broms/Neos. If you’d like to learn more about dividing/repotting, read Harvesting Bromeliads.  Curious about the science behind the bloom-time color flush of the hybrid Neos below? Click this one: When Succulents See Red.

Neoregelia, 4/07/13

until next time……

🙂 🙂 🙂

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. Gorgeous! I’m looking forward to growing all those pitcher-style plants again – here they’re outlawed because of the fear they’ll become breeding places for malaria and dengue. I say to people, what if they have a frog in the ‘pond’? and the answer’s the same: “No, too dangerous”, so I have to respect that.

  2. The second last photo is definitely some thing special… those little flowers popping through the captured water are just so beautiful… great share…

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  4. Our current temperature of 91 here on April 10th almost has me believing our climate will soon be like Florida’s. 😉 But I’ll err on the side of caution and not rush out to plant tropical plants in the yard just yet.

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  8. Definitely a great choice for the challenge. I was going to use our daffodils, but one day they were gorgeous, and the next day the 88 degree temperature wiped them out.

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