Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime (in Paris)

While we were in Chiswick/London last week, we took the Eurostar to Paris. We arrived in the Bastille district just before nighttime.


Our Airbnb was around the corner on tiny Rue de Lappe; As we checked in, Maggie leant out the bedroom window to catch the activity below:


Great Party Street in the Bastille. So Fun!

Next we hit Corcoran’s Irish Pub for a bit of dinner.


By the time we left the pub it was completely dark, perfect for viewing the Eiffel Tower in illuminated glory. :)

Eiffel Tower by night

Can you believe this GREAT pic came from my Samsung Gs3!! Best phonecam ever!

The lines were short, so we rode the elevators to the summit observation deck. WOW!  There’s Versailles!


The Seine looked beautiful, too.


Nighttime in La Ville-Lumière was pretty damn incredible!  All photos (except Rue De Lappe) taken with Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Wordless Wednesday: Beautiful Chiswick, UK

Chiswick stole my heart: leafy, classy, pretty and genteel. Everything I imagined it would be!







and my favourite place to unwind at the end of the day…the wonderful local, “The Tabard!”


Such a fun, fun vacation!

Until next time…

:) :) :)




Our trip has begun! I’ve decided to post a few photos via smartphone as time allows. I’ve never used the WP app before, so no guarantees! 😆😆

First stop Iceland!


Such spellbinding scenery, albeit waaaayyyyy colder than I imagined of September! ;)  Even though it was drizzly/overcast with low hanging clouds, the drive along Ring Road revealed some unexpected sights:


The sun appeared (briefly) as something unusual caught our attention, so we pulled over for a closer look.


More in a day or so…


Brassia Maculata in Bloom

Brassias are sympodial (bulbous) orchids whose large fleshy leaves and woody flower spikes emerge from oval pseudobulbs along the soil line. Each pseudobulb provides nutrients and water for a single bloom cycle in August/September.  The light was perfect this morning so I took a few pics of their incredible beauty.


First Brassia maculata flowers of the season, 9/3/14

Their spidery appearance gives Brassias a distinct reproductive advantage. Parasitic wasps who typically lay their eggs on spiders, get confused by the orchid’s appearance and land on the flowers instead. As the wasps flit from plant to plant, they create one of nature’s best win-win situations: the wasps reproduce,  the brassias get pollinated, and a few very lucky 8 legged insects are saved in the process!


Although my Brassias live outdoors, they also make great houseplants: read more about it here.

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Ruralside, Vero Beach

Although I’ve shared many pictures of Beachside, Vero Beach, I’ve never shown you the rural belt along the western edge of town.  For today’s Wordless Wednesday (mostly!) I thought I’d share pictures of a friend’s farmlet property in this lovely and quiet area.


The new fence looks really pretty!


and here’s the reason for said fence:

This horse thinks she’s human!

Her horse kept coming on the porch and looking in the windows…esp when it rained! :) :)

FYI, I’ve been posting less for several reasons: Maggie moved back in a few weeks ago and we’ve been busy reorganizing the house, cleaning the garage, baking for fun, and trying to learn a bit of Icelandic–we leave on our trip two weeks from this very minute!

We’ve also been shopping, shopping (and more shopping) having realized Florida wardrobes are completely inadequate for Iceland/England/France in September.  Finding warm gear in stores here was challenging but we finally purchased everything we need including full raingear and rubber boots.  Now we’re just keeping fingers crossed Bárðarbunga doesn’t blow until after 9/10!

Until next time…

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Wordless Wednesday: 8/20/14 (Mushroom Cloud)

Check out these crazy clouds forming off Jaycee Beach.  (Photos taken 3mins apart at 12:30pm, 8/15/14)



As the storm coalesced and the rain began, it looked a lot like a nuclear mushroom cloud.  We made it off the beach just as it REALLY started coming down!

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